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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Public Involvement in SGMA

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requires that each Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) encourage the active involvement of diverse social, cultural, and economic elements of the population within the groundwater basin. To do so, SGMA sets out numerous public notice requirements for both local GSAs and the State. These requirements include:

  • Public notice and hearing before establishing a GSA, adopting or amending a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP), or imposing or increasing a fee;
  • Creation and use of an interested persons list for the subbasin or GSA;
  • Participation of federally recognized Indian Tribes sharing the interest of the sustainability of the groundwater agency (if tribes choose to participate);
  • Development of a written statement describing the manner in which interested parties may participate in the development and implementation of the GSP.

In addition, SGMA requires that GSAs consider the interests of all beneficial uses and users of groundwater throughout the GSA and GSP development process.

Public Involvement in Delta-Mendota Subbasin

The Delta-Mendota Subbasin Communications Plan describes how GSAs in the Delta-Mendota Subbasin will reach out to stakeholders, beneficial users and the general public. It also describes how interested parties may participate in the development and implementation of the GSP(s).

It is the responsibility of each GSA to reach out to the public and stakeholders within its boundaries. For a calendar of upcoming meetings and meeting materials regarding groundwater management the Delta-Mendota Subbasin, visit the Meetings page. Stakeholders and members of the public are highly encouraged to sign up on the Delta-Mendota Subbasin mailing list to receive meeting announcements and updates on implementation of SGMA in the subbasin.

For specific questions about how to get involved with the GSA in your region, contact your local GSA representative.

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