Member GSA Contact Information

Below you will find general contact information, as well as specific contacts for each GSA region included in the Delta-Mendota Subbasin.

Delta-Mendota Subbasin

General Questions about the Delta-Mendota Subbasin can be sent to

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Aliso Water District

Roy Catania

(559) 779-2616 

Email Roy
Northwestern Delta-Mendota

Walter Ward

(209) 525-6710 

Email Walter
Central Delta-Mendota Region Multi-Agency

Aaron Barcellos

(209) 826-2636  

Email Aaron
Patterson Irrigation District

Vince Lucchesi

(209) 892-6233  

Email PID
Farmers Water District

Jim Stilwell

(530) 661-0109  

Email Jim
San Joaquin County—Tracy & D-M

Brandon Nakagawa

(209) 468-3089  

Email Brandon
Fresno County—Management Area ’A’

Bernard Jimenez

(559) 600-4234  

Email Bernard
San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority

Steve Chedester

(209) 827-8616

Email Steve
Fresno County—Management Area ’B’

Bernard Jimenez

(559) 600-4234  

Email Bernard
Turner Island Water District—2

Donald Skinner

(209) 827-7700  

Email Donald
Grassland Water District

Ricardo Ortega

(209) 826-5188  

Email Ricardo
West Stanislaus Irrigation District GSA

Bobby Pierce

(209) 894-3091  

Email Bobby
Merced County—Delta-Mendota

Lacey Kiriakou

(209) 385-7654  

Email Lacey
Widren Water District

Damian Aragona

(209) 826-0342  

Email Damian